Congratulations to Pamela Gilmer!

Pamela writes the following, 

On Retirement–

My goals for a lofty retirement (and the introduction to my official 65th year on the planet) were two-fold: first, to keep my brain and my body active by following my passions, and second, to make new friends in Asheville—where we have established part-time residence. 

My first step was to donate the majority of my collection of vintage clothes and costumes to Asheville Community Theatre (ACT). While there, I found out about a scene study class being offered. The teacher went to Yale School of Drama where he became friends with a very talented woman who was there studying opera. She was also into painting, drawing and acting. Her name was Meryl…Meryl Streep. That was a good enough reference for me! Ten weeks later, I learned about the upcoming shows and was thrilled to see one of them was “Driving Miss Daisy.” I was disheartened to realize the competition would be steep in an artsy place like Asheville.

 At my first audition there were 15 Daisy hopefuls, but I made it to the “call backs,” competing against the final 6 determined Daisies. Three days of waiting followed. I returned to the theatre to return my borrowed script and get my $10 deposit back. I was met with a certain amount of disdain and chagrin that I had kept the script out for two weeks (instead of two days). That done, I trotted out to get to my yoga class and try to keep my mind off impending results.

A couple of hours later, I got the word that the role was mine. I was told to come by the theatre and pick up a script. What a hoot it was to return to the box office and be greeted by the same man who shortly before had spanked my hand for my delinquency in returning the script. This time the co-director stood beside me and heartfully introduced me as Daisy. I just smiled and said, ” I’d like to have that script back again, please!” 

Rehearsals begin in another week, and I’ll be staying in Asheville with weekend trips back home to Scott County. The show is Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees August 1-17. I feel confident it will be well-worth the trip to Asheville to see. I’ll even promise a personal money-back guarantee! Those of you who are able to come, please DO let me know when you are coming. Having friends there is my greatest motivating force. Heck,  follow me back to my Asheville abode after the show and celebrate with me. Things are working out just as I had dreamed, planned and hoped that they would for a perfect retirement!